• What is the Mustang Unites project?

    Not only is the Ford Mustang celebrating 50 years as one of the most iconic sports cars, for the first time in the car’s history, it is also going global. No matter where you are in the world, the iconic pony emblem is recognizable so we wanted a creative way to symbolize this milestone. We’ve teamed up with pop artist, Burton Morris, to create a collection of art that interprets the iconic pony emblem into 10 different flags representing the international love for the Mustang.

  • What is Ford hoping to achieve with Burton Morris’ work?

    We want to translate the spirit and emotion that the Ford Mustang exudes into an exclusive art collection that can be celebrated globally. Burton Morris has always been known as an iconic artist, painting icons of popular culture so through Burton’s creativity, the famous pony emblem is being transformed into a pop art collection that will not only represent Mustang’s role in American pop culture but the excitement of Mustang around the world.

  • What is the relationship between Mustang and art?

    As the Ford Mustang celebrates 50 years, it has become a symbol of American pop culture. With appearances in more than 3,000 shows and movies, mentions in dozens of songs and more than 9 million cars sold, Mustang has become an icon with its design and spirit. Nothing captures a historic moment like this than art and teaming up with one of the icons of American pop art, Burton Morris, captures the energy and excitement for the Ford Mustang perfectly.

  • What types of artwork / merchandise will the Mustang Unites collection include?

    We are kicking off the campaign with the 10 “world pony” sculptures depicting Ford’s top markets for the 2015 Mustang. Based on the success of the project, additional countries may be added to the collection. At this time, some pieces of artwork from the collection are available for purchase. Please contact Burton Morris Studios with any questions regarding available items.

  • Is it possible to commission my own MustangUnites Morris pony?

    Yes! Burton Morris Studios is currently creating commissioned paintings on the limited-run 3D pony sculpture. This is a Mustang collector’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a unique work of art from a world-recognized pop artist created specifically for them. Please contact the Studio directly for inquiries.


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